The chocolate revolution!

100% cocoa-free and unbelievably delicious.
We call it QOAcompany Logo in Accent.

We love chocolate!
That’s why we developed QOAcompany Logo in Accent.

QOA is the world’s first 100% cocoa-free chocolate alternative. It is based on local, natural ingredients that are carefully fermented and roasted. QOA is 10x more sustainable than conventional chocolate without sacrificing the tenderness and flavor that we all crave.

We believe in the power of Biotechnology.

With state of the art fermentation and food science, we craft our delicious QOA from natural ingredients.

Known from

The future of chocolate is 100% cocoa-free!

The application phase for our TEST KIT is closed, but we are working intensely on the next delicious treat. Stay with us for exciting news around QOA.