The world is craving
for chocolate.

In most western countries, people consume between 4 and 9 kg of chocolate per year.

In Asia, the consumption of chocolate is growing steadily. To satisfy the chocolate craving, around 5M tonnes of cocoa have to be produced per year.

This comes at a price for planet and population.

Millions of hectares of rainforest had to make place for cocoa during the last decade. Naturally, cocoa trees grow underneath the huge rainforests. Industrial cocoa however is often planted directly under the sun to increase yield and profits.

The monocultural way of producing industrial cocoa reduces the biodiversity and leads to the degeneration of soil. 24,000 liters of water are needed to produce 1 kg of cocoa. This is 1,5x the amount of water needed to produce 1 kg of beef.

Finally, thousands of children are forced to work on cocoa farms. There they are exposed to sharp tools, night shifts and agrochemical products such as fertilizers.

children forced to work on cocoa farms
HA rainforest lost for cocoa farming
liters of water For 1 kg cocoa

We replace cocoa-based chocolate
in mass market applications.

QOA is the sustainable alternative. It decreases the load from the cocoa supply chain. QOA is 100% natural, GMO- and dairy-free.